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“If you want what you have never had, DO what you have never done.”
- (Thomas Jefferson) Darcy Marquardt’s motto in the lead-up to the 2012 Games

Three-time Olympian, Olympic Silver Medalist and World Champion, Darcy Marquardt has worked tirelessly in pursuit of these dreams over the course of her 14 year rowing career. She has learned that no matter what the obstacles, with perseverance and teamwork, you can achieve things you never thought possible. Darcy credits her parents and strong family values of integrity and commitment for creating the foundation from which her rowing career took off.

Marquardt’s greatest achievement, is not only the Silver medal performance in London, England at the 2012 Games but developing the ability to share her journey and inspire the next generation of leaders in people of all ages. Darcy was recently elected as a member of the BC Chapter of Olympians Canada, where she will serve in a leadership role to promote the Olympic Spirit nationwide, motivate and encourage youth, and celebrate and honour all those who have represented Canada at the Olympic Games.

Ten powerful 2-letter words to live by…
- Darcy Marquardt’s favorite quote on self-reliance